Will Kell Brook Come Back Stronger In 2015 After Attack?

Will Kell Brook Come Back Stronger In 2015 After Attack

By Niall Doran


Kell Brook has always been a likable chap and an extremely talented boxer to boot. On the blog we never really discussed what was a horrific event for Kell last year that shocked the boxing community, when it emerged he had suffered a violent machete attack while on holidays in Tenerife, nearly ending his life. The result was a brutal looking wound on his thigh and there was immediate doubts whether he would ever fight again.

Fast forward a few months on and the man is already back in heavy training and has a title defense scheduled for March 28th against Canadian Jo Jo Dan, a very competent and durable southpaw operator. The fact he’s recovered as fast as he has, coupled with the positive and motivated outlook he now seems to exhibit since the attack last year, leads me to believe he’ll be back better then ever this year.


Its always hard to know how such a traumatic event can affect anyone mentally. Then again, boxers are not your typical people. They possess courage, determination and self belief that the average man or woman would find hard to comprehend. Kell Brook I believe is a warrior, through and through.

With the landscape in the welterweight division exciting as it is globally at the minute, I’d imagine he’s spurred on and motivated more then ever to defend his title and get the big fights out there, that he certainly deserves. He’s done things the hard way in his career, had more setbacks than most and yet has still overcame them, remained undefeated and traveled to the United States to take the title off a dangerous American champion. Mental effects won’t be an issue for this man.


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