Many believe that this year could be the last one that boxing fans see Filipino Manny Pacquiao in a pro boxing ring at the highest level.

Before possibly cashing out of the combat sport industry all together after.

In the form of some type of exhibition bout against Conor McGregor.

First thing is first, though.

His professional boxing career.

It is thought that a pay per view fight against one Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford is being looked at for June for Pacquiao.

Possibly in the Middle East.

A massive fight for both boxers if it happens.

It is no easy task for Pacquiao, of course, taking on one of the sport’s best pound for pound talents at this time.

Potentially, a passing of the torch fight between old lion and young lion.

Pacquiao will want to rip up that script, without doubt.

Good fight if it occurs.


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Puerto Rican Rocks Women’s Boxing With Stunning Knockout