Floyd Mayweather Infographic: Men Lie, Women Lie – Numbers Don’t Lie

(Floyd Mayweather Infographic – Created for Doran’s Boxing Blog all rights reserved. Designed by Richard Good).


By Niall Doran

Above is a wonderful infographic that was recently created for Doran’s Boxing Blog by a friend of mine, depicting the outstanding boxing career of Floyd Mayweather thus far and really conveys one of Floyd Mayweather’s most famous quotes “Men Lie, Women Lie – Numbers Don’t Lie”.

It is clear to see from the above facts and figures that Floyd Mayweather has amassed some fairly unbelievable records both inside and outside the ropes. Be it from a monetary perspective where he has absolutely shattered PPV and Gate records, to his actual fight record itself. Either way you look at it, it is fairly impressive.

As he said once himself “Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t lie”. Perhaps this is quite a succinct statement that coincides nicely with the above facts and figures. An element that I found very interesting in the infographic was the CompuBox figures that truly conveys Mayweather’s masterful defense that he has down to a fine art.

When you really look back on the belts Floyd Mayweather has captured through the years and the guys he’s beaten to win them, it does put into context I feel the quality of his legacy. Although many critics of him will often point to him ducking fighters through the years and perhaps the Pacquiao fight not taking place when it should have, you still have to say when you looe back on his record that the majority of names on there are world class and elite level operators.

He also beat all these names while moving up through the weight divisions and has actually been world champion for an incredible 15 years, having captured his first championship belt all the way back in 1998 when he defeated the legendary Genaro Hernandez.

That’s a decade and half Floyd Mayweather has sat at the top of his profession. Although he will always have his critics and detractors for his outside the ring persona and activities, there is no doubting both the man’s talent and achievements within the sport of boxing itself.

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