Weekend Boxing Preview: Tomasz Adamek vs Dominick Guinn

There is an interesting heavyweight boxing bout taking place this weekend between Tomasz Adamek and Dominic Guinn in Connecticut

Tomasz Adamek

By Niall Doran

I’ve always been a fan of Tomasz Adamek going back to his cruiser weight days. He’s always truck me as a man who has done things the hard way and taken his fair share of lumps and bruises along the way. He came up short a couple of years when he squared off against Vitali Klitshcko, who in all fairness was just too big for him on the night.

This weekend  Adamek finds himself on his travels against Texan resident Dominick Guinn. Guinn is coming off a first round knock out win against a relatively unknown opponent but this perhaps is covering up his steady decline in recent years with three back to back defeats before his last fight.

Tomasz Adamek on the other hand is riding a bit of a crest of a wave coming off four decent wins back to back since his loss to Klitshcko in 2011. Since then he has had some good wins over fringe heavyweight contenders like Eddie Chambers, Travis Walker and Steve Cunningham. It is almost like there are levels in the heavyweight division. You have Wladimir Klitshkcko sitting on top of the division, and then fighters like David Haye, Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, Dennis Boystov, Pulev, Alexander Povetkin, his brother Vitali and Tomasz Adamek on a level below him.

Adamek has a very impressive record of 48-2-0 with 29KOs, only ever losing to elite level competition in Klitshckoin 2011 and Chad Dawson when he was a light heavyweight back in 2007. His ability to move up through three weight classes in itself shows his steel and I think provided he gets past Guinn tomorrow, that we will see him back fighting for a title sooner rather than later.

Stylistically and physically the two fighters are fairly evenly matched. Both are orthodox fighters, a couple of years between them with Guinn being the slightly older with also maybe an inch or two in height advantage going to the American. Both have a decent punch with Guinn being the more natural heavyweight. However one could on paper say Adamek has mixed in much higher class throughout his career and taken on some of the biggest names that were around at the time he was in the light heavyweight, cruiser weight and currently in the heavyweight division. This edge for me should be enough to secure him the victory tomorrow night in what could be a highly entertaining contest in Connecticut.

Personally I think Tomasz Adamek will know he is going almost into another man’s back yard (being the away fighter travelling to the US) and will know that it will be unlikely he will get any favours from anyone on the night. I’d imagine for this reason he will look to take the fight to Guinn early on, establishing a high paced tempo and perhaps using his superior stamina and work rate as an advantage that he might have over his US counterpart. He also might feel like he has a bit of a point to prove coming off his last bout, which was a close and in some people’s eyes – controversial split decision victory over Steve Cunningham last December.

I’ve been right plenty of times this year but I’ve also been wrong a few times and I’m sure I’ll be wrong again, but I like to roll the dice and put things on the line every week when it comes to fight predictions.

For me it’s a Tomasz Adamek TKO victory in an entertaining heavyweight slug fest in Connecticut. Enjoy fight fans!

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