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Home » Boxing Poll: Your Prediction for David Haye vs Tyson Fury?

Boxing Poll: Your Prediction for David Haye vs Tyson Fury?

David Haye vs Tyson Fury – What’s your prediction to how the fight will play out?

david haye vs tyson fury

This fight has not only gotten Irish and British boxing fans talking, but the old boxing world talking. You have two of the best trash talkers arguably in boxing today, both equally as vocal as the other. But yet stylistically inside the ropes David Haye vs Tyson Fury promises to be just as special. Both men have been known to hit the deck, both men can dig. Oh ya and their heavyweight, sounds like a recipe for some good action for the fans? I for one can’t wait and privileged to say I will be in attendance on September 14th.

The trash talk so far between the two has been excellent, with possibly the younger man in Fury surprisingly coming off best thus far. Is this a part of Haye’s mental game though? Let the young man do all the talking for a change, while he will solely concentrate on the boxing side of things, and for once in his career, not have to worry about actually selling a fight. Maybe its a sign of Haye maturing as a fighter, who knows? One thing is for sure that as the weeks go by in the build up to this fight, we are surely going to hear more from both men as the reality of the brutal task that lies ahead slowly begins to become more of a reality for the two of them.

A lot of people at the moment seem to be saying that the longer the fight goes the more its Fury’s fight, and the shorter the fight lasts the more its Haye’s. I’m not sure do I agree with either to be honest. Have your say – below is a boxing poll on a topic that really has drawn a lot of debate in  in the sport lately. David Haye vs Tyson Fury, who will win this epic heavyweight boxing showdown?

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