Is Andre Berto finished at Top Level after TKO defeat to Karass?

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By Niall Doran

In boxing results at the weekend Andre Berto getting KO’d by Karass certainly surprised many observers. Could this be the end for Andre at top level?

Andre Berto is a warrior there is no questions about that, but I certainly think having watched his latest fight back today that indeed Berto could be coming to the end of the road in terms of being an elite level, world class welterweight contender.

The fight took place in San Antonio Texas on Saturday with Berto going into the contest as a firm favourite looking to get his career back on track following inactivity and defeats in recent years to the likes of Robert Guerrero and Victor Ortiz. In his way was a tough and rough Mexican called Jesus Soto Karass, considered a journeyman by some, whom Berto should comfortably beat.

However Karass proved to be anything but, and certainly no journeyman, providing a considerable upset comparable in it’s shock value to any recent boxing results with a 12th round TKO victory. From the get go in round one the tone of the fight was set to one of high pace and intensity with Karass immediately taking the fight to Berto, marking him up around the eyes early on. Ever the fighter, Berto responded with hard shots early on but for me Karass certainly got the better of the early action.

As the fight progressed into the mid rounds the action really heated up competitively with Berto at one point in round 5 momentarily hitting the canvas, only to be ruled a slip. Throughout the mid rounds I was very impressed with the sheer tenacity shown by Karass. Although the action was close I had Karass ahead in the mid rounds. In the 11th Berto caught Karass with a beautiful left body shot which dropped the Mexican. However this was not to deter Karass who came back with a bang, in particular with a well timed left hook counter that put Berto down in the final round. The referee waived the fight off with Berto clearly hurt from the punch.

It looked during the fight that Berto was focusing a lot of his attacks with the left hand. After the fight he mentioned that he thought he could have done serious damage to his right shoulder “I think I tore it out of the socket early in the 4th, my right shoulder. That’s why I kept using my left. I think I tore it out of the socket. I could not use it at all, but I’m a warrior at the end of the day”.

Perhaps this was a fair explanation but for me the Berto of three or four years ago would have gotten past Karass, with all due respect would not have been the same level as Berto. Andre did not seem to show the best stamina either last night, maybe this is something that he needs to go back to the drawing board on after this fight. Whatever anyone says about him there is no denying his fighting guts, heart and the value for money he has given fight fans for many years.

Whether Andre Berto decides to box on or whatever his future plans are after this loss, I salute him. A true warrior.

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