To rank the best heavyweight boxers in the world at any given time is always going to be a tall order. But that said, it’s certainly a fun challenge.

Boxing is now a very geographically diverse and international sport, the heavyweight division has become fragmented too consequently.

So this list will change around a bit as you can imagine.

Similar to our pound for pound boxing top 10 list we rank the top 10 best heavyweight boxers based on certain criteria.

Here’s how we rank the glamour division of professional boxing, a weight class where entertainment is valued perhaps more than any other:

  • Level of opponents boxed and emerged victorious against on a regular basis (top-tier fighters that compete at least once every 18 months, generally speaking).
  • Level of technical ability that translates against different fight styles of his opponents.
  • How the heavyweight performs in his victories.
  • Feats in the sport. Professional and amateur credentials will be taken into account if of enough significance.
  • How exciting to watch a top-tier heavyweight is in his victories.

So without further adieu, let’s try to rank where the current top 10 best heavyweight boxers lay in the global sweet science landscape today.

To be updated:

10 Best Heavyweight Boxers Today

  1. Tyson Fury
  2. Deontay Wilder
  3. Andy Ruiz
  4. Anthony Joshua
  5. Dillian Whyte
  6. Luis Ortiz
  7. Joseph Parker
  8. Alexander Povetkin
  9. Adam Kownacki
  10. Hughie Fury

Note: These rankings are completely subjective and like every other boxing rankings list ever compiled. They are not to be taken as absolute fact and a list that is set in stone.

They are an enjoyable debate to partake in nonetheless for boxing fans and something that we try to update as fairly as possible in a balanced manner, based on the above key criteria.

We will update this list every month or so, depending on when the top heavyweights in the world are in action.

Or if one drops out of the list due to significant inactivity, retirement or for other unforeseen circumstances.