Pacquiao Reveals He’s Going For Knockout July 28th In Real Fight

Pacquiao Reveals He's Going For Knockout July 28th In Real Fight

The fact that Pacquiao has now revealed his boxing match in Japan on July 28th is not an exhibition but a real fight now is a bold statement.

Pacquiao means business next month.

He’s looking at taking his 20 year younger foe in the ring (Pacquiao being 45 now) out of the equation.

Speaking at the RIZN press conference here he said:

“I’ll do my best to win by knockout.”

He later added:

“Boxing is not that easy to learn. Chihiro wants to experience. I’m sure that on July 28th he will learn more about boxing. I will teach him what is boxing.”

The Knockout Promise

Known for his aggressive style and knockout power, Pacquiao aims to deliver a thrilling spectacle for the audience.

He confidently stated, “We are looking for a knockout for this fight. So, people there watching will get a lot of action in the ring.”

This promise suggests that Pacquiao will be coming out swinging, seeking to end the fight early and decisively.

A Lesson in Boxing

Pacquiao’s opponent, Chihiro Suzuki, is a 25-year-old kickboxing and MMA champion with a lot of knockouts on his record.

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Pacquiao seems to mean all business in this one.

He knows he can’t take chances with one last huge fight being lined up for against Conor McGregor in professional boxing rules, or against someone else.

Three rounds but Pacquiao confirmed he can get a knockout, so to be clear, it’s a real fight.

Not an exhibition come July 28th.

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