Pacquiao July 28th Opponent Believes He Can Finish Pacman

Pacquiao July 28th Opponent Believes He Can Finish Pacman

Manny Pacquiao’s latest boxing opponent in a real fight on July 28th (not an exhibition) has made some bold claims to Pacquiao.

Chihiro Suzuki, Manny Pacquiao’s opponent in the upcoming July 28th boxing match, has expressed unwavering confidence in his ability to defeat the legendary Filipino fighter.

Suzuki, the reigning RIZIN MMA and Knock Out kickboxing champion, believes he possesses the unique skill set and determination to not only challenge Pacquiao but to stop him in the ring.

Speaking at the RIZN press conference Suzuki declared, “I believe that I am the only one qualified to do so. I believe I’m the only one qualified to challenge Pacquiao and I’m the only one who has the potential of finishing Pacquiao.”

This bold statement has sent shockwaves through the boxing community, as few have dared to predict a victory against the eight-division world champion.

Suzuki’s confidence stems from his impressive track record in both MMA and kickboxing.

As the champion of two major combat sports organizations in Japan, he has proven his ability to compete at the highest level.

He believes his diverse skill set, combining striking prowess with grappling expertise, will give him a significant advantage over Pacquiao.

“I’m the RIZIN current champion and the current Knockout Champion. So I’m representing both organizations so I have no choice but to win this fight,” Suzuki asserted.

This statement underscores the immense pressure he feels to not only win for himself but also for the organizations he represents.

While Pacquiao is undoubtedly the more experienced boxer, Suzuki’s confidence and determination cannot be underestimated.

He has vowed to bring his A-game and utilize his unique skill set to shock the world and etch his name in boxing history.

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The July 28th showdown promises to be a thrilling encounter between two champions from different combat sports backgrounds.

Whether Suzuki’s confidence translates into victory remains to be seen, but his unwavering belief in himself has certainly added an extra layer of intrigue to the fight.

As the date approaches, all eyes will be on the ring to witness this clash of titans and see if Suzuki can fulfill his bold prediction of finishing Manny Pacquiao.

Pacquiao may have been disappointed on missing out on representing the Philippines at the Olympics this year, but this surely makes up for it.

A big boxing event in Japan next month to a worldwide audience.

If he impresses, likely a big boxing match for Pacquiao by the end of the year.

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