Jake Paul Reveals New Weight For Mike Tyson Fight

Jake Paul Reveals New Weight For Mike Tyson Fight

The Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson new date is due to be announced this week after a brief delay following minor injury to Tyson.

Tyson make no mistake is looking to do a number on Jake Paul when they fight in 2024.

Paul appears to have wised up to this.

Instead of ballooning up past 230 lbs. he’s taking things seriously again, saying on X:

“No more heavyweight eating for Mike Tyson for the next few weeks. Bye bye pizza . Back down to 219 already It was fun being fat I will miss you fat jakey you were so cute and fluffy”

219 lbs. a much more sensible weight for a heavyweight contest.

Paul’s advantages will be his youth, reach and crucially – speed.

Coming in too heavy would play into Tyson’s hands. Paul needs to box on the outside with sharp counters.

If he goes toe to toe with Tyson he would be flattened.

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