Deontay Wilder What Now?

Deontay Wilder What Now

After his big loss to Zhang — Deontay Wilder what now? Will he box on or call it time? His own mother reportedly wants him to retire.

It turned out after the fight at the weekend that Wilder did in fact hurt Zhang before he got stopped.

The Chinaman conceded he felt the Wilder power before catching him and closing the show.

The question is, Deontay Wilder what now?

Wilder is a family man and has plenty of options.

Retirement will allow him to spend more time with those closest to him.

He should hold his head high regardless.

He could do many things still in boxing too.

deontay wilder what now

Like become a trainer or stay involved in commentating on big fights.

Or pursue his many outside of boxing business interests.

Because he has that big punch however — there will always be calls for one more.

When is it enough though?

Surely he has done more than enough now and should consider his health.

He has a chance now to retire with his faculties intact.

You can’t a price on that sensible option.

It is up to him though.

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