Zhang Goes Against What People Want Deontay Wilder To Do

Zhang Goes Against What People Want Deontay Wilder To Do

China heavyweight Zhang is departing Saudi Arabia and said something on Deontay Wilder that may surprise a few.

Everyone in boxing, pundits, fighters and fans alike seem to be writing Wilder off at the moment.

Most calling for him to retire.

Not Zhang though.

Speaking on Instagram a short time ago he said not to write him off just yet:

“Goodbye the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It’s always been a pleasure fighting here. The world is watching the Kingdom becoming the center of boxing now. Thank you to my dance partner @bronzebomber . I always respect you as a man, a father and a warrior. I felt your power Saturday night, the power that can knock anyone out clean. I’m happy we both came out the ring healthy and safe. Go back to your family and enjoy your time. Boxing is great with the Bronze Bomber. Don’t write him off just yet. Thank you to my team. Thank you @queensberrypromotions @matchroomboxing for working together for this historical event. Special thank you to @turkialalshik , the man who makes things happen. Can’t wait to get back in the ring again.”

That also clarifies that he did in fact feel the Wilder punch power.

Contrary to earlier reports that may have been lost in his translation from Chinese to English.

The above is clear enough.

Wilder did buzz him early on and when he went in for the kill, he got caught.

It happens.

Wilder is still a big name in boxing and it will be up to him what he chooses to do.

There is still plenty of big fights out there for him.

If boxes on.

(Photo courtesy Zhilei Zhang Instagram)

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