Callum Walsh Reveals Dana White Partnership Genesis

Callum Walsh Reveals Dana White

A young professional out of Ireland is making waves in the States with rapid wins and some heavy hitters like Dana White helping him.

But how did it come about — the partnership with the UFC President.

Callum Walsh spoke on his link up with Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach, manager Tom Loeffler — as being the intro to White.

Speaking to Title Sports Network he said:

“It’s crazy because I’ve been watching Dana White for so long. I’d been watching Conor McGregor fights since I was 11 years old and watching Dana White on the TV. I came to LA and everything starts falling together. I signed with Tom Loeffler (as manager) and Tom brings me down to meet Dana White. I was sitting in Dana White’s office thinking what is even going on.”

He added:

“Yeah me and Dana have a very good relationship. He’s going to help me get a fight back in Ireland. Obviously he likes Freddie Roach. Dana and Freddie go back a long way. That’s one of the reasons he’s helping me. He knows Freddie Roach doesn’t take on anybody that’s not worth it and I think that’s why he really believes me. He wants to help me win a world title. I think I can. I believe in myself and Dana believes in me and we’re going to take over the sport of boxing.”

23-year-old southpaw super-welterweight Walsh is currently 10-0-8 KO as a professional.

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