Conor McGregor Unleashes Fury On Diminished Guinness Brand

Conor McGregor Unleashes Fury On Diminished Guinness Brand

UFC star and one-time pro boxer Conor McGregor lets loose on Guinness, their price hikes and their creator.

McGregor in recent years has made a successful move to the booze business. Some likening him to perhaps a modern day beer baron as such.

Overall, to be fair, its McGregor’s international success in alcohol that has been noted.

Notably his Proper 12 Whiskey generating billions of dollars around the world at this time, and growing quickly to surpass all the other whiskeys internationally too.

Legitimately becoming one of the biggest whiskeys in the United States and internationally at this point.

Now, his new Forged Stout is taking on Guinness stout and is reportedly having lots of success due to the price hikes Guinness have been greedily putting on customers worldwide in recent years.

Harming and reducing greatly the Guinness brand in recent years.

McGregor has now finally let fly on Guinness with the following:

Conor McGregor

McGregor returns to MMA action soon in the UFC Octogen this summer.

It is thought after that he may have another lucrative professional boxing match.

Opponent to be confirmed in the future.

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