Deontay Wilder Retirement Speculation After TKO

deontay wilder retirement speculation after tko

There is Deontay Wilder retirement speculation after TKO crushing defeat to China’s Zhang in Saudi Arabia on the 5 v 5 card.

Indeed, Wilder mentioned pre-fight retirement was something he would consider if he lost.

Ultimately, that decision is his and his alone.

While Wilder hasn’t officially announced his retirement yet the decisive defeat this weekend raises questions.

Mainly about whether the 37-year-old can still compete at the elite level.

A Career Defined by Power and Vulnerability At The Same Time

Wilder’s career has been defined by his incredible knockout power but also by his vulnerability to classy boxers who can withstand his initial bombs.

Zhang’s patient, methodical approach and sharp counterpunching proved too much for Wilder.

He walked him onto shots and Zhang’s timing more than his speed was outstanding.

Wilder’s wild looping shots that worked well for him in his career were not there either.

He was trying to box more conventionally in a conventional stance with straight shots over the shoulder which didn’t really work for his style.

Deontay Wilder decline in Boxing Skills Analysis

From round one some things were clear.

Wilder was very scared to pull the trigger for some reason. He was very hesitant suggesting a lack of belief in his ability.

His age also was evident.

He wasn’t moving around the ring as freely and his legs looked very stiff with little footwork to show.

Age and Wear-and-Tear Catching Up?

At 37, Wilder is no spring chicken in the heavyweight division. That said, he’s not old either.

He can comeback if he wants. Up to him.

The accumulation of brutal fights however, including his epic trilogy with Tyson Fury, may have taken a toll on his body and reflexes. T

he Zhang fight once again exposed Wilder’s limitations.

Particularly his defense and inability to adjust mid-fight when big punches were landing.

The final shot that took him out was so devastating he’ll need a rest. Brutal two final right hooks no less.

Financial Security and Legacy Considerations

Wilder has earned a substantial fortune throughout his career, granted.

In theory which could factor into his retirement decision but again that’s up to him.

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He has also solidified his legacy as one of the hardest punchers in boxing history, that much is clear.

Pound for pound.

Zhang took some good shots from Wilder in the fight.

Wilder had a great legacy holding the WBC heavyweight title for five years.

What’s more he helped grow the sport and heavyweight boxing again in his fights with Tyson Fury in particular.

What’s Next for “The Bronze Bomber”?

Wilder has remained tight-lipped about his future plans after the fight so far.

Leaving fans and pundits to speculate.

Some believe he may choose to retire on his own terms.

While others suggest he could pursue a few more lucrative fights before calling it quits but again, that’s unclear at the moment.

Potentially a long awaited fight with Anthony Joshua could still happen.

It would sell too.

Deontay Wilder Health

Wilder has to put his health first however.

Father time is starting to show decline in his physical ability to move around the ring.

And get out of the way of big devastating shots.

The heavyweight division is very unforgiving and he knows it.

Deontay Wilder vs Zhang Expert Fight Breakdown

Everyone is a pundit today after the Wilder loss last night.

Everyone is an expert per se.

But a real expert on breaking fights down is Teddy Atlas.

He knows heavyweights well and this worth a watch for sure on Wilder (hat tip Boxing Social YouTube):

The Impact on the Heavyweight Landscape

Wilder’s potential retirement would leave a void in the heavyweight division.

He made his mark as one of the most exciting heavyweights ever and certainly one of if not the hardest hitting heavyweight at his peak ever.

His electrifying style and knockout power made him a fan favorite.

Indeed, his absence would be felt by both casual and hardcore boxing enthusiasts.

Impact of Zhang knockout on Deontay Wilder legacy

We don’t think the loss to Zhang will effect Wilder’s legacy too much.

If anything it shows just how fearless Wilder was, again.

He never shied away from tough, big fights, and the Zhang fight showed this again.

He was always willing to take on the biggest challenges in his career.

A Decision That Will Shape Wilder’s Legacy

Ultimately, the decision to retire rests solely with Wilder.

No one can make that decision for him.

Whether he chooses to continue fighting or hang up his gloves, his impact on the sport is undeniable.

He will forever be remembered as a knockout artist who brought excitement and drama to the heavyweight division.

On not just an American scale but a world level.

Deontay Wilder Mental State after latest knockout

Wilder in the coming weeks and months must look after himself.

Both physically and mentally.

Such a devastating knockout defeat means he needs some time off.

A long, long rest and decide what he wants to do from there.

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