Where does Deontay Wilder Get His Power From

Where does Deontay Wilder Get His Power From

A look at where does Deontay Wilder get his power from – considered the biggest hitter ever in boxing history.

Wilder returns to action this weekend in Saudi Arabia against China’s Zhang.

But where does Deontay Wilder get his power from in his lethal punches?

Let’s take a look.

1. The Physical Attributes and God-Given Gift

Wilder’s physique plays a significant role in leverage the punching power. Standing at 6’7″ with an 83-inch reach, he possesses a long, rather lean frame that generates incredible torque.

This leverage, combined with his fast-twitch muscle fibers, allows him to deliver punches with exceptional speed and force.

Ultimately, mass vs speed generates serious force.

Furthermore, Wilder’s unusual body proportions in some regards compared to other heavyweights help.

His relatively thin arms, while not the bulk of a Mike Tyson, while seemingly lacking in muscle mass are very helpful in transferring energy and essentially, those two wild swinging baseball bats he has for arms.

This coupled with his upper body and lower body hip rotation transfers a lot of power behind his shots.

2. Practice and Repetition

Deontay Wilder’s polished technique is just as important as his raw physical components.

The straight right hand and wild looping overhand rights are devastating.

These punches have concussed individuals many times.

When on form too Wilder uses the jab to see these up.

3. Bad Intentions Behind Every Shot

His mentality is also a big factor.

Wilder literally leaves everything in there in the ring. Every time he fights.

A true warrior.

He loads up on shots and wants to hurt his opponent with every single punch thrown.


You’ll notice Wilder never really boxes in a rythm.

He plays possum sometimes.

They say that punches that hurt most are the ones you don’t see.

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This is true for Wilder.

He goes from slow to fast pace all the time and catches people off guard.

Never in a deliberate rythm.

He bates his opponents well.

Natural Ability

There is a theory in boxing that punchers are born, not made.

This rings true for Wilder. He just has that undefinable gift element in his ability.

He is able to summon power from places unknown to most mere mortals.

It’s a gift from God.


When breaking down boxing there is also a reason it’s called as a sport the ‘sweet science’.

Of course, there’s science behind Wilder’s power.

Here this video goes into the science behind his famous punch:

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