Frank Warren Reveals Usyk and Tyson Fury Suspension

usyk and tyson fury suspension

New heavyweight champion Usyk and Tyson Fury were in a savage fight recently and not many know both are actually suspended currently.

Fury is promoted by Hall of Famer Frank Warren and is taking things easy at the moment.

The IBF was being looked at being vacated by Usyk but it might not be the case now as Usyk is looking for an exception.

To let the belt be on the line in the expected rematch this December.

For now though, both Fury and Usyk are on suspensions on medical grounds following the savagery of the fight they had.

Speaking to Sky Sports Hall of Fame Promoter Frank Warren said:

“At this moment in time Usyk couldn’t even defend the title even if he wanted to because he is suspended by the Commission because it was such a tough fight.”

Adding further:

“As has been Tyson. They have been told not to do anything. Not to spar (anyone) or do anything, I think its a 45-day suspension. Until that suspension ends nothing can happen by the IBF.”

Some people in the boxing fans audience were quick to complain of the split decision after the fight but in fairness it was a savage bout.

Both fighters did really punch twelve bells of proverbial out of one another.

It should be a great dust up in the rematch in fairness.

Possibly even better than the first fight.

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