Anthony Joshua on Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul

Anthony Joshua on Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul

The former heavyweight champion spoke on the upcoming Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul mega fight on Netflix, influencer boxing and his pick in the fight.

Speaking on the Jonathan Ross show recently Anthony Joshua said:

“I personally think it’s really good. I think that the boxing hardcore (fans), like the boxing fanatics, they don’t like it. Because it’s like why are they disrespecting our sport? There’s an Olympic system that you have to go through and once you qualify there then you go through to the professional ranks. Whereas someone with a profile can just come out of nowhere and can just fight one of the best guys.”

He added:

“Let’s say we divided this crowd in half. And you’ve got half the crowd are boxing hardcore fans and the other half love a certain person that’s into YouTube. But that person brings all of these people into boxing which benefits everyone hugely. It’s a tough game, so everyone viewing helps. So, I think it’s really good for people needing some exposure.

On Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul he concluded:

“The only thing I’m worried about is father time and it has never been beat. Tyson is older now. I pray that he comes out healthy. I think Jake Paul because of youth. That’s the only thing because of the youth.”

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