Sugar Ray Leonard On Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul

Sugar Ray Leonard On Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul

Everyone has something to say about Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul this summer including some of the iconic names in the sport of boxing.

‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard knows all about big fights down through his career.

He knows Tyson well too.

Speaking at a Red Carpet Event Leonard said of the fight:

“Put it this way. A lot of people are going to watch that fight. Okay. I’m one of them. He doesn’t need advice (Tyson).”

No matter who you talk to, everyone has an opinion on the fight.

Whether positive or negative, they have an opinion.

That means a lot of people will be tuning in.

Could it be the most watched boxing match of all time?

Difficult to say at this point.

Netfix will need to up their game a little in promoting it before July 20th but all in all, yes, it could be.

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