How Much did Usyk Get Paid for the Fury Fight? The Ring of Fire Purse and Money

how much did usyk get paid for the fury fight the ring of fire purse

The Ring of Fire purse and pay-out for both boxers proved a deserving fee and then some for their brave efforts over twelve rounds.

Both boxers were badly bust up after 12 rounds that saw Usyk get a split decision.

He would have been off to the hospital (as would have Fury) not long after, mind you.

Usyk suffered a broken jaw.

He earned his money.

It is expected Usyk got paid a minimum of thirty million US dollars before pay per view.

This figure could rise to almost fifty million US dollars however when everything is added up over the coming months.

Fury on the other hand is expected to walk away with at least $100 million US dollars.

Again, the figure over the coming months, depending on how pay per views do all over the world (not just in the US).

It could rise to as much as one hundred and forty to one hundred and fifty million US dollars in the coming months.

A million of which is to be donated to the nation of Ukraine it is understood.

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