Lennox Lewis On Tyson vs Paul

Lennox Lewis On Tyson vs Paul

Lennox Lewis knows Mike Tyson well having competed against him for the heavyweight championship of the world.

Tyson takes on Jake Paul in a professional fight in Texas this summer and Lewis gave his take to The Schmo podcast:

Mike Tyson is two-dimensional. He’s going to come at you and try to knock you out. You got to try to stay away from him. Stay away from his power. I seen him working out the other day. He was throwing some good combinations. Make sure that he’s not in the way of those punches. Tyson is a real fighter. Oh yeah (he still has it). Tyson can throw a punch. He can take a punch. He’s doing something he’s used to.”

Tyson is far removed from his days of fighting Lewis but still carries enough power to turn the lights out of anyone if he connects.

Plus Jake Paul has never ever been near the heavyweight division.

It is like an entirely different sport at that weight due to the power exchanged in the punches.