Muhammad Ali Grandson Makes Good Point On Post Mayweather Boxing Era

Muhammad ali grandson

Lately boxing has been changing a lot, for the better surely.

It is no longer as important to have that elusive ‘O’ on the record compared to what it used to be.

Fighters lose and come back all the time, some of the greatest did like Muhammad Ali.

Speaking of Muhammad Ali, his grandson and current prospect and professional Nico Ali Walsh said on the trend on X recently:

‘The Mayweather undefeated era of boxing is over. Everyone’s fighting each other, love to see it.’

Case in point, Devin Haney last weekend.

That defeat to Garcia will only make him bigger, better and stronger.

He’ll be in more big fights as a result if anything.

What’s more, all the fights being made at the moment in the UK, Europe, Saudi and elsewhere seeing the best fight the best, things have never been this good in boxing.

Well, maybe going back to the eighties at least.

The Hagler, Hearns, Duran, Leonard era of welterweights.

As for Nico Walsh, he is currently 9-1-5 KO at this time.