Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul Will Now Be A Sanctioned Professional Boxing Fight

In Dramatic Turnaround Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul Will Now Be A Sanctioned Professional Boxing Fight

Surely boxing is a sport like no other where literally nothing can surprise a sports fan.

One of those moments happened a short time ago.

When 57-year-old boxing legend Mike Tyson confirmed on Instagram his upcoming match against 27-year-old Jake Paul is now an official professional boxing match:

The fight takes place in Texas so presumably it will be licensed by the Athletic Commission in the State of Texas.

This changes a few things.

Obviously Tyson will be going for the knockout as early as possible.

Likely Paul will try to gas out the much older Tyson and take him a few rounds before trying to knock him out.

To clarifiy, the fight Mike Tyson had a few years ago with Roy Jones, a fellow boxing legend, was an exhibition.

This news now cracks open Tyson’s professional boxing record again of 50-6-44 KO.

His last professional fight coming all the way back in 2005 when he lost to Kevin McBride.

That’s just under twenty years ago (nineteen years ago this June).

Jake Paul is 9-1-6 KO as a novice professional.

Fighting mostly older opponents and former MMA fighters bar his loss to prize fighting prospect Tommy Fury.

Paul has never been anywhere near the heavyweight division in professional boxing.

With smaller gloves on now, presumably the ten to fourteen ounce gloves, all Tyson needs is a single punch to land and it is over.

That said, the same might be said of a Paul punch connecting on a 57-year-old foe.

It will be interesting to see what the exact rules are for the fight.

Per the fight contract.

Likely which will be revealed nearer the time.

Expect the unexpected in this fight.

In all aspects.