is boxing getting more popular

Is Boxing Getting More Popular in 2024 and Beyond with all the New TV Companies, Streaming Companies and New Saudi Investment?

Is boxing getting more popular than ever recently?

It is more than fair to say — it is.


For a variety of reasons.

Huge companies now in boxing like Amazon Prime showing boxing in the US shortly later this year, an enormous subscription base.

Not to mention all the new players like DAZN, ESPN, Fox and others in recent years.

The UK and Europe is on fire too but Saudi Arabia are really stepping up even more now.

So much so they are going international themselves and getting boxing’s bigger promoters and advisors to sit down and make deals, and crucially, the best fighting the best not when they are over the hill – that fight fans want.

Not only that, you have in recent years huge novelty fights like exhibitions involving popular YouTubers and even boxing legends making comebacks, mixing and matching new demographics into the sport in many nations around the world.

Boxing has never been bigger.

And it’s only going to get bigger these next fight years.

What a buzz and a real excitement in big time boxing again with so many outstanding match ups being made in so many different countries at the moment.

Happy days.