Chael Sonnen Plots Conor McGregor’s Next Move

Chael Sonnen Plots Conor McGregor's Next Move

UFC and MMA fight star Conor McGregor is understood to be still recovering from injury at the moment with no announcement of next fight yet.

UFC and MMA legend Chael Sonnen has discussed here what may be next for the Irishman:

Certainly in terms of star power, draw power and name power, McGregor still is easily one of if not the biggest names in any combat sport today.

By far.

Hopefully in due course one more fight announcement will be made.

For a stroll down the good times of Sonnen’s career, an accomplished wrestler and consistent individual, some of his best moments below.

One of the most inspirational human beings ever to compete in American sport in our view.

Determination, tremendous worth ethic, a bizarre, unusual sense of humor but one of the sport’s genuine good guys.

Who continues to go to success and great strength in the podcast world moving forward: