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Taiwan Stand Up To Evil President Xi Of China

In the current Russia Ukraine fight Italy have proven alongside many other countries to be a key nation in supporting Ukraine.

It seems like Italy is set to have its first ever woman Prime Minister this weekend and while all politics is garbage it is hard to see how this woman is a fascist going off this:

Lot’s of logic and calmness there. Not much fascism?

Italy has changed government seven times approximately in the last ten years so surely a change of whatever they were doing over all those years to something new is better.

Furthermore, the above woman appears to have fired recently someone who was in anyway sympathetic to Hitler or Nazis in any possible way.

So hard to see how she is a facist.

Italy has suffered a huge brain drain of Italians over the last 20 years or so of young smart people and the nation never really recovered from the crash of 2008.

Only way to remedy it for everyone is a change in direction.

Being inclusive and freedom of speech should include all viewpoints even with people you don’t agree with.

As all lives matter?

Is that not what democracy is, or is meant to be?

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