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Watch: Ron DeSantis and Joe Biden Put On Show Of Unity

Really the hatred of America and Americans in countries around the world appears to be only increasing all the time.

Okay, they are not perfect and made a lot of mistakes like any humans do but bloody heck, Iran the latest by the looks of it who have planning a hit on America for a long time have launched a full on cyber attack on American infrastructure:

Hitting all things American hard there.

No doubt about it.

Really the Department of Defense need an even bigger budget at the moment when you consider the nature of the enemy changing as it does in terms of the cyber landscape.

Even after the above, the attacks are not targeting anything specifically.

Non profits, regular small businesses, local government people, charities.

It’s just a total warfare really.

The fight news and war news in the modern warfare world is really in full flow.

No doubt about it.

Life is ups and downs and so is work.

If work goes bad for some and business is bad for some, they are not going to be in a good mood obviously.

Considering the pressure many of the above businesses above are under at the moment and then you’ve got them getting hit like this, many of them will go to the wall unfortunately.

That’s the nature of the fight news happening in the world at the moment.

Not just in America either.

It is what it is.

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