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Putin Getting Left On His Own In Russia and From Every Country By Russian Citizen Exodus

Heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk defended his title this weekend in Saudi Arabia against Anthony Joshua.

Here’s how he did it in a close fight:

Credit and respect to both boxers on a tremendous battle.

Fight fans the real winners yet again.

Ukrainian Usyk surely will have lifted the entire nation of Ukraine and the world with that win.

Given the circumstances in the current Russia war at the moment which has affected everything and everyone.

And continues to.

As Ukraine continue to win back in the fight Usyk will have lifted not only an entire nation, but the world at large.

Hard luck to Joshua who can surely come back again.


Fight Stunner Proves Big Hit In WWE

Fight Stunner Already Proving A Bit Hit In WWE

During the start of the Russia Ukraine fight this year many Russian soldiers spoke of being fight fans of Usyk.

Maybe this will inspire no war from some of them who continue to do the right thing and not support Putin’s war as time goes on.


A Russian Legion Finally Does The Right Thing

Russian ‘Legion’ Finally Do The Right Thing

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