Heavyweight Title Arrives In Middle East Might Offer Insight For Tiger Woods

Heavyweight Title Arrives In Middle East Might Offer Insight For Tiger Woods

This weekend the heavyweight title between Joshua and Usyk will be held in Saudi Arabia.

Say what you want, but it’s a great fight and the Saudis are putting the fight for free for all Ukrainians in Ukraine at the moment during the Russia war.

Says a lot. Kudos to the Saudis.

The presser kicked off today:


Joshua a big Dr. Dre and ‘Beats By Dre’ fan who was seen with Eminem and Snoop Dogg this week for some reason back in the lab here:

Creating huge numbers and much bigger noise than anything this week.

Compared to any of the irrelevant noise on social media and the internet at the moment πŸ™‚

In a time where the bad in the world’s noise is now being drowned out by the good.

In the world.

Sport and entertainment has taken over the world in many ways.

Boxing and any other sport can do a lot of good in these fight news times.

For sure.

A real snap in the atmosphere lately it seems.

Sport can be a great uniting of good people around the world.

Of which there is much more of and things are getting worse and worse for the much smaller number of bad people, and quieter in terms traction and social media followers and numbers, compared to the good in the world getting all the rewards now.


Disney Company To Get Hit After Mike Tyson Move

Disney Company To Get Hit After Mike Tyson Move

The tables have turned.

Things get very difficult and the world a much smaller place and much less friends in the world for the bad guys now, the good guys really done a number on them in the end ?

Ukraine of course in the big fight news winning the Russia fight all the time.

Bad guys don’t realize they’ve been played all along and toyed with, messed with and beaten to a pulp for fun ???

Good always defeats evil no worries.

All us fight fans can do we guess is enjoy the good winning in the world now.

Very nice.

Good guys are way more numbers in the world in reality.

Bad is finding that out in legal precedence in courtrooms around the world too at the moment.

The bad guys are only a very few small number.

And the world and their lives are getting a worse more difficult place now wherever they go — with nowhere to hide for the bad guys?

Good always defeats evil.

Too easy.

Sport a tremendous thing for the world at the moment.

All day.

For some reason the good guys’ social media accounts and websites and platforms around the world are all getting bigger followers and viewing numbers all the time.

More relevant.

While the much smaller number and irrelevant bad guys’ accounts anyway, are getting even smaller and less traction and engagement ?

Russia foreign ministry are running out of ideas πŸ™‚

In all platforms.

In all countries.

Worldwide ?

No idea how that happened.

Nice to see good people get good results, all in all, in the end.

Everything has changed now.

Very good.

Further to boxing in Saudi Arabia, the sport of golf has some decisions to make soon in the Middle East too.

That one Mr. Tiger Woods will have a pivotal choice to make in no less.

Maybe there’s no need to abandon the PGA tour? Let them go to the LIV golf also if they want? Let it up to the golfers?


A Russian Legion Finally Does The Right Thing

Russian β€˜Legion’ Finally Do The Right Thing

Or maybe let the sportsmen go where they want maybe in the middle East too?

A lot of golfers from the UK and US in particular lately have made the move it seems.

Including Phil Mickelson and Ian Poulter and many others.

Sport really is everything and is changing the world as we speak in these unprecedented times πŸ™‚

Some things just can’t be stopped.

Just enjoy the journey πŸ™‚

Roll on the fight this weekend.

Sit back, relax and enjoy.

Great to see boxing doing better than ever before at the moment.


Deontay Wilder coming back now too soon.

Tyson Fury officially retired.

Great career.

Even boxing legend Mike Tyson appears to be coasting on top of the world as usual where else:

Let the good times roll.

Enjoy the fight this weekend.

Roll on.


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