Biden Copies Something Trump Did But No One Complaining

Biden Copies Something Trump Did But No One Complaining

In the big fight news in America and the world the US Presidency for some reason has become a big part of it.

Respectfully, while all politics is garbage, the above has become a big story for some reason in the fight news.

Largely as America is hugely important still in these war times humanity lives in.

To be impartial and objective to any perceived moving goal posts, interchanging diction of subtle change in mirroring of message, or ever so slight copy cat moves in policy, it is important to note the following:

Some great points made by the above.

No one seems to be complaining at all about the above.

Why do you think that is.

From a logic perspective.

Human beings act on emotions when contriving policy and that goes for judges in courts drafting language or Statesmen discussing policy.

To generals then formulating strategy.

All only man made however and imperfect like human beings who are prone to making mistakes.

Like us all.

What the above key takeaway bullet point to notes surely are:

  • Biden’s vote driven approach only not working.
  • He is now understanding that while Trump may have made a lot of mistakes he did some stuff right.
  • Media in America need to become more impartial and objective hopefully moving forward.
  • Framing narratives cannot be undone in these times as people are not as dumb as you think.
  • Can’t dumb down people with overflow of information and expect it to work.
  • It doesn’t.
  • Possibility of Republicans and Democrats working together would be good.
  • Surely Americans deserve a third choice and candidate rather than always the two party system.
  • Policy makers need to think a bit more granular-level based on foreign nations/billionaires’ lobby and special interests groups (NGOs one of the worst culprits but go a step further) paying off their media and politicians to interfere with their elections, values and laws.
  • All people do is complain. All 8 billion of them. You’ll never get people to agree on everything but if combination of democrats and republicans come together you can agree to disagree. Anything possible.
  • Not necessarily always the big news companies and big name politicians also being paid off.
  • What about the local elections and State to State outlets.
  • Can do all this of course while still observing and being respectful of The Constitution.
  • Who knows though – no one knows it all – have a good day.