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Photos: Rome, Italy

Photos: Rome Wasn't Built In A Day

Quick reader update.

Hope you are enjoying your day.

Rome, Italy.

Have been here a few times now.

Nice city.

Nice time.

Catching up on some fight news at the moment but a few photos of the beautiful city of Rome.

Rome/Vatican below etc.

Saw old Popey did some mass for that nice lady Nancy Pelosi from America here this week also — as America is in turmoil.

A politician in America who seemingly is not only in terminal permanent decline in support in America — as the summer of 2022 Biden blitzkrieg on the USA continues — but also her support here in Italy and Europe too has badly diminished — as she’s surely found out yesterday and today here in Italy.

Republicans growing all the time after some of the Biden calamities.

Nice lady Nancy Pelosi.

Hope she has a nice time here in Italy and safe travels back to the United States.

Some cool pictures below — all in all — was fortunate to get: