Was thinking about some of the old Silva vs Franklin fights the other day back in the early days of UFC.

Unbelievable fights really and showed what Brazilian Samaria Anderson Silva was really capable at when motivated and at his best.

Rich Franklin was a force in his own right too and champion at the time if memory serves correct when they first fought at middleweight.

He may now in fact box even per here:



Thing that always impressed us about Franklin were two things.

His mentality and how he took a loss.

Good manners Franklin, respectful guy, a Math teacher by trade and a dynamite fighter on his day.

Everyone takes a loss in life sometime and particularly in these carnage induced times the world is in many familiar now with a lot of loss, bereavement, trauma, grief, death and so forth.

Maybe some would have been suited more to times long ago riding around on horses with swords and doing things the old fashioned way to get things done (the good old days — joking!).

Guess the world ain’t like that no more though and dialogue and respectful compromise is the order of the day to solve all these wars going on in the world.

Domestic and foreign.

Otherwise this world won’t last much longer.

As it is in flames burning down as many, sadly, rightly predicted some time ago.

How American Franklin handled defeat not just to Silva always came across well.

How he treated people too.

His opponents after the fights stand out in particular.

Seemed to always wish well for people.

In victory or defeat.

Class act.

Quietly spoken fella Franklin but a real man of the people and always kind to all people.

Good guy Franklin and if he comes back in boxing be interesting to see who or when he fights.

Let’s take a look back at one of the great fights of UFC:


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True American Fight Hero May Box Remembering His Fight Against A Brazilian Samurai

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