Blonde Bombshell Fumes At Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard Trial

Blonde Bombshell Fumes At Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard Trial

You know it’s interesting, the world.

Alas, the weird and wonderful world of humanity.

It’s more screwed up than ever before.



It’s going to get much worse for some people too — unfortunately.



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It is what is.

Amid all that though, you can only focus on you and your peoples.

Everything else always works out in the end.

Amid the garbage in the news at the moment, certainly featured a lot on Fox News lately, is this whole Johnny Depp vs Amber fight.

One of the great women of boxing, Ebanie Bridges of Australia, isn’t very happy and thinks maybe the girl Amber is just turning on the old water works at the moment playing up for the cameras?

Dear or dear.

Why can’t people just get along? ?

Certainly, each to their own, but us men should cherish the many great women in boxing and in the world that way have at times like this.


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Way more good women out there than bad ones. Hundred per cent. No point trying to figure them out as that is impossible ?

For a man to find a wife and settle down is a good thing as they say 😉 One woman is more than enough. Definitely…

Boxing surely can show that women deserve respect in the world.

In this crazy time where it is sadly reported a lot in places that women are experiencing gender violence and so forth.

From individuals who would not be as brave with fellow men. That’s for sure. Guaranteed.

All people deserve respect but this broken world just has all human beings in it.

They are all broken in their own ways and flawed.

That’s the reality of all 8 billion or so of them.

Best you can aim for is try to be kind to everyone and just focus on you and your own people.

One day at a time.

Best for everyone to try to get along. Each to their own.

As for young Bridges, it appears the newly crowned professional world champion is only going from strength to strength.

All the time.

Kudos to promoter Hearn for giving women’s boxing the opportunities recently to be fair to the Englishman.

With the UK in perpetual demise now as a British Empire and financially soon to be crippled and no longer will be considered a strong country of the world, in a fragmented world now, maybe Hearn and some others can be some of the last bright lights left over there.

Certainly what Hearn and his company have done in boxing in recent years has been commendable.

Above reproach in many aspects.

As regards the ladies of boxing, when you consider the likes of world champions Katie Taylor, Alycia Baumgardner and Ebanie Bridges are all under Hearn roster.

Under the Matchroom promotions at the moment.

Good work and obviously the big, huge super fights, biggest fights in the world — with the likes of Canelo Alvarez too.

Professional boxing is in a good place worldwide.

The main thing is the quality of fights has been outstanding.

It’s all about the fights.

It always has been.

Always will be.

It really is.

Some very enjoyable fights in recent years.

And again, the matchmaking has kept up the pace.

Alas, all these women have different stories and personalities to get fans interested in their fights also.

Of course the recent Taylor vs Serrano fight established Ireland’s Katie Taylor as the new number one pound for pound women’s boxer in the world too.

On our list at least anyway.

Seems like there maybe some really big fights this year to be made.


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