Boxing Beauty Grabs Attention As Women’s Boxing Is On Fire

Boxing Beauty Grabs Attention As Women's Boxing Is On Fire

Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano not only captured the boxing world’s attention last weekend.

But the wider world of sport and entertainment, moreover.

Both women set the world alite and after words the consensus appears to be the same that it was one of the greatest fights of recent years.

Must try to make time to watch it back this week with the sound off.

Another female boxer, world champion and model, and who comes across as a very genuine woman, Alycia Baumgardner — has also been helping this trend for women’s boxing.

Grabbing a whole pile of attention again the boxing stunner said on her Twitter account:

The whole trend of women’s boxing appears to be growing all the time.

So much so — you’d sense that the paydays should gradually increase.

Particularly after last weekend’s sensational performances by Katie Taylor (who won) and Amanda Serrano (who’s stock only arose again in loss).

It’s all about the quality of fights at the end of the day.