Mike Tyson Speaks On What Fear Means To Him

Mike Tyson Speaks On What Fear Means To Him

The human construct and man made concept of fear is an interesting one.

It is thought that human beings are not actually born with any fear from birth at all.

But, that over time, it is simply learned or unlearned.

Without getting too philosophical and all that malarky of course, each to their own.

Boxers and UFC fighters though are surely up there with some of the most fearless professional athletes in all of sport.

The risks they take for all of mere mortal’s entertainment is commendable to say the least.

Their stories, many of them, as special as any in all of sport.

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson comes into this bracked.

Speaking on what fear means to Tyson he said:

Is there a difference between fear and concern, though, in what he says above.

Tyson in recent years has been on a roll in the new main stream media, podcast and cannabis business world.