Watch: Tyson Fury May Retire Or Fight The New Mike Tyson

Tyson Fury May Retire Or Fight The New Mike Tyson

Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury showed what he was all about again this weekend in another top notch performance.

Beating a very courageous, heart of a lion Dillian Whyte in just six rounds.

Whyte is as fearless as they come though and obviously will be back stronger as usual, and, likely, with his always improving year on year technical ability, mind set and always with the big punch, will probably win a title down the line.

As for Fury, he said he wants to retire after but very interested in taking on the man known as the new Mike Tyson – from the UFC:

Hard to see anyone coming near Fury when he’s switched on and in any bit good form really.

Maybe a fight against the winner of Usyk or Joshua might interest him to be fair down the road but who knows.

Fury is not just a tremendous professional sportsman but one of the great stories of humanity of the 21st century.

Look, guys like Fury will be successful basically at whatever he does. That’s the truthful reality of it.

The man is quite brilliant.

An unbelievable story really of coming back from ups and downs in life, suicide, depression, alcohol and substances.

An inspirational individual to us all, surely. No better than anyone else.

Always has the man of the people and we are all the same type mentality he always had — at his core.


Quite a special character that was forged over time, Fury.

Main thing for the rest of his life is surely to stay in the bloody gym daily. Seriously.

Or at least six times per week for his mental health more than anything. A matter of life and death actually. After that he can do what he wants basically. Maybe he’d be a commentator Fury too to be fair. That’s his business.

Credit to both boxers this weekend all in all.

In conclusion, still catching up on stuff, excuse delay on this fight site.

Pretty much recovered now thank God and excuse the delay in being back on here.

Can’t complain and awesome weather today in Ireland, beautiful day.

Don’t know how I’ve lasted nearly 3 months without a consistent gym and exercise — on an average joe sports and fight writer note but doing grand ?

Bit trippy and intense, woke up with the only same recurring dream I can ever remember last night.

From what I recall was only for a few seconds but came close to seeing and meeting my mom for the first time in heaven but she was just by my side only for a moment and was gone quickly it seemed, all I remember is telling her how much I love her.

Anyway, all good. Pretty much recovered from that hospital drug psychosis diagnosis thing recently and am back to full health.

A very happy Orthodox Easter today to all our Orthodox Christian readers.

Hope things get better soon in the big fight in the world with the Russia Ukraine crisis.

Hopefully some amicable concord can be forthcoming in due course to finally end all the carnage.

Any quietude of amity at all in any shape or form I think most people around the world would welcome at this point.

Certainly lots of fight and financial market news to look forward to and write about in the weeks and months ahead, that’s for sure. Have to get cracking on developing one or two new sites soon new beginnings with no more bothering with chasing the American dream, new challenges ahead looking forward to the future one day at a time…

Enjoy the weekend and what a fight for the sport of boxing.

Outstanding stuff.


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