There is a reason boxing is called the sweet science.

Most fight fans will tell you at the highest level — it really is a science.

And a noble art.

Certainly at the elite level pound for pound echelon realms — that current champion Errol Spence of the great Texas competes at.

He’s up against it in Cuban maestro Ugas next up but Spence is back in the lab ahead of a huge fight soon:

The sweet science lab of boxing.

Is there anything better for us fight fans.

Tremendous fight in store soon for fight fans.

Good clash of fight styles between two humble champions.

Roll on.

With respect to the lab, surely even for anyone, even for average joes and fight fans like us all, in today’s times more than ever, to have access to a fitness gym consistently every day — along with reasonable diet — so important. Vital and crucial, really.

Being not in the gym even a couple of months enough to throw many off.

Only way to stay consistently sane is stay in the damn gym, every day, and don’t bloody leave the damn place next time 🤣

Hope everyone is continuing to look after themselves in these war times at the moment.

Roll on Spence vs Ugas, what a fight for all us fight fans, in fairness.

A supreme boxing match for fight fans to enjoy.

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