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Big Tech Go After China Now As President Xi Clown Next

Former heavyweight champion of the world and all round good egg Mike Tyson has been on a roll in the podcast and new main stream media world — these days.

The Charlo podcast recently his most recent elite level boxer on the show.

Good podcast.

Tyson brings up a good anecdote here:

What if after a while though you’re just high on life literally buzzing on nothing? What’s next? What’s the next move then ? Just the thrill of everyday life left then, surely, and don’t need anything anymore, and every day is just a blessing — doing what you love to do not like you love it — but because you love it.

Living life — that is.

Tyson brought up a good point recently on love conquers all — in a near lethal situation that he diffused with ease.


Ghost Of Kyiv Sounds Like A Wild Man and A Bit Of A Legend But Things Can Get A Million Times Worse

Ghost Of Kyiv Sounds Like A Wild Man And A Bit Of A Legend But Things Can Get A Million Times Worse

He’s right, no one wants war but unfortunately sometimes it is unavoidable if love and peace is not what others want (it’s not what we want in the end it’s what God wants) no matter how much people try with them as this war situation in Ukraine has shown in recent months.

Superseding everything going on in the world easily, and by far.

After all, there was a war at the beginning of time and creations too before in Genesis — between good and evil, for the sake of creating peace and love to even exist (in any conceived definition or understanding of what the terms mean to human beings of today, God looks at time and things far different to us surely), in the beginning.

Discerning battles and fighting the good fight of faith surely the most wise.

On the balance of probabilities with love at the top of any mumbo jumbo pyramid definition of interpretation.

Keep it simple.

Overall though love conquers all for sure.

God is love.

Regardless of anything — hopefully peace, prosperity and no war soon for all people.

In every country.

Much love.

Each to their own.

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