Big weekend of fights coming up in the boxing ring this weekend ahead of St. Patrick’s Day as per tradition every year.


Accessing The Mentality and Psychological Strengths of Professional Sportsmen

Accessing The Psychological Strengths Of Professional Sportsmen

As women’s boxing has grown a bit in recent times, we’ve been looking to see and scout more stars of the future in women’s pro boxing.

One of them that has gone under the radar for a while here to keep an is Hermosillo, Sonora in Mexico’s Sulem Urbina fighting out of Phoenix, Arizona:

Not bad.

The Mexican beauty pocket rocket can also really fight — and appears to be making big strides in the sport.

It seems though some coyotes however were outside her door this morning dear oh dear 🤣

Sulem is also supporting Vergil Ortiz this week.

A good fighter who returns to action who maybe doesn’t get enough props in the media — big puncher Ortiz:

As for Sulem, the Mexican miniature beauty and boxing stunner competes in the Flyweight division — 112 lbs. at this particular time:


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