Accessing The Psychological Strengths of Professional Sportsmen

The psychology industry is only theoretical at best. Too limited. Doesn’t go far enough in the end.

As it is just based on theories and not facts. Nor obviously close to the ultimate truth, the Bible. Each to their own.

At the end of the day, theories are just theories, are they not? 🙂

Books will take you so far but connection to a source greater than your fellow human being is the ultimate, obviously. That never leaves you. Everywhere you go. Maybe more than you might even know, sometimes. Each to their own.

When it comes to sportsmen and professional athletes maybe boxers and golfers sometimes can offer some interesting analysis.

We’ll keep it to sportsmen on this and keep it simple.

As there is no point trying to figure out women anyway as they are all crazy (just kidding, much love)?

Let’s start so with Padraig Harrington the great Irish golfer.

Achieved a lot and a good guy Harrington but you could say that he over analyzed things a bit too much sometimes.

Made things hard on himself through his naturally competitive nature in wanting to always move forward.

Ironically, getting him to where he got to but then he wanted to change some technical aspects of his golf game when he got to the top.

Even though he didn’t have to.

Sometimes stuff just works and stick with it if it works. It doesn’t need a PHD on why it works, it just does. Use it as another tool in the tool belt in whatever profession you are in, until it breaks? Seems sensible.

Science is great and we are big believers in it but it will never explain everything and sometimes water is just wet, the sky is just blue, grass is just green, you can’t see the wind, clouds float in the sky, air gets cold at night, and things just are what they are. It is what it is. What’s wrong with keeping it simple like that every now and then and just chilling sometimes and taking it easy? Each to their own, respectfully.

Then you look at golfers though like Tiger Woods who was more about the spirit and mentality of his work ethic and while technical like Harrington, more of a guy who got by on determination and heart for a long time. Sometimes making the impossible possible — at the core of why people love sport around the world.

Then you have boxer Steve Collins from Ireland above. Always learning, always looking for an edge against his rival, in a healthy competitive way.

Sometimes people just don’t have rivals or competitors anymore and actually it’s not a challenge to beat their rivals in the end, they just find the challenge then in trying to beat their own records and expand into new fields and so forth.


White House and Biden Wasting Time With The French In Ukraine Crisis

White House And Biden Wasting Time With The French In Ukraine Crisis

Many sportsmen come to mind in this category of standout elite talents in sport, business and life. But many of them good people too, most importantly.

Then of course you mix that in with the right mix of the right people and team needed around them, for their personality, with the right training regime and mental application, discipline, dedication and crucially the correct diet and nutrition, and you might really have something then.

In terms of an individual who is a leader maybe in sport, business or whatever, or doesn’t have to be, just a regular person like you or I who’s nothing special, someone who can maybe help even more people then, who knows. Man is not a machine nor a robot, nor some super human solider, never have idols of any of these sports people or business people as they are just human beings like you or I. All flawed and just people. Grand to take some inspiration here and there but get on with the job — and procrastination nor idleness — to never be left creep in, surely.

In any business sector or profession.

Basically you can get too much into all this stuff at the end of the day.

Keep it simple, do good, look good, be good and good results in all parts of work and life will follow. Each day is good anyway. For instance, what are you going to do in the next two hours of your job or time off and how are you going to make right now count. In a productive, positive skew of internal perception of thought combined with action and production of something positive, within you first, then externally executed upon to the best of your ability. Think about it.

Each to their own.

Certainly the three above professional sportsmen very strong mentalities and always with a genuine interest to improve.

That never leaves no matter the age.

They are probably still working hard right now as we speak. Hard work and dedication can’t be beat. Year in year out.

Personality wise, maybe sometimes some are suited more to different careers, sport or business. You can do anything you set your mind to if you really want to and really work towards your objectives and goals. Little by little. One day at a time. Excellence in increments.

For instance, this moron right here writing this blog article is a naturally very introverted person, soberly, only when around people don’t know for the first time, maybe too shy sometimes, but with people I know would talk all day with them.

Point is — everyone is different. Individually.

Everyone has unique abilities and things they can contribute positively to the world and society.

For sure.

There is something there for everyone.

Peace and prosperity for everyone should be achievable, reasonably speaking, in this maybe new world and method of doing things in different countries developing post pandemic and this senseless war going on at the moment.

The world has always been the same in some respects but maybe each iteration of human being’s generation get a little bit better, each time round. Maybe, we guess.

The glass is always half full when all is said and done, the choice is yours.

Only you can influence you.

At the end of the day.


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