With the carnage in the world at the moment instigated by one individual in the form of Vladimir Putin, the term bully has come about quite a bit in all new mainstream media platforms.

Former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis made a point on how to deal with bullies.

And shared this story:

If Joe Biden recently said America stands up to bullies than he and his staff must be strong enough to offer more help to Ukraine.

Same goes for the appropriate Russian people on the ground in Russia near Putin who surely can no longer support what Putin is doing to these hospitals.

Today. Time for talk is now over and all appropriate responses should be applied as soon as possible.

For the good of all people and all nations (including Russia and Russians) of the world.

As more hospitals reportedly come under attack in the early hours Ukrainian time.

Maybe the most barbaric acts against humanity not seen since since the second world war.

As for Lewis, one of the great heavyweights that ever lived:

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