Boxing Beauty Reveals Intentions

Boxing Beauty Reveals Intentions

Some professor doctor jabroni said one time that the theory of motivation states…

Nah fook that 🙂

Most of that garbage you can throw in the bin ?

If you’re genuine you’re genuine yeah.

Alright then.

Boxing stunner and beauty, as well as world champion and professional model Alycia Baumgardner took the boxing world by storm in 2021.


Watch: Remembering One Of Boxing's Greatest Trainers

Watch: Remembering One Of Boxing’s Greatest Trainers

It looks like there is some big things in store for her too this year.

Notably a fight with American and world women’s boxing star Mikaela Mayer.

Ahead of confirming her first fight of the year ‘The Bomb’ revealed her intentions:

As always genuine intentions and motivations from Baumgardner and no wonder so much success already.

Good things happen to good people in the end.

Women’s boxing appears to be growing still and of course you’ve got great fights coming up between Taylor and Serrano and Ebanie Bridges fighting for the world title.

And maybe later in the year Shields vs Marshall.


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