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Boxing has had a lot of tremendous trainers over the years but surely none as insightful as Dubliner Brendan Ingle.

He later moved to Sheffield, England and settled there years later and of course started the legendary gym that produced so many great fighters like Naseem Hamed, Johnny Nelson, Ryan Rhodes, Kell Brook, Junior Witter, Herol Graham and many more (excuse us if leaving anyone out).

For anyone looking to catch up on the Naseem days which were quite brilliant or just Ingle’s life advice and boxing, there is an almost unbeatable of its kind viewing on YouTube here, the human being can survive almost anything and comeback from almost anything and Ingle touches on all things humanity not just boxing.

Ingle did a lot for society in his time.

In boxing terms although fighters from his gym seemed to have a unique fight style, this was drilled into them with army like formations and discipline in terms of repetition of form as Ingle seemed to have his set ways and methods but heck they worked for him and his boxers always seemed to enjoy their fighting too.

Quite unique Ingle’s gym it seemed.

Ingle goes into on all things boxing and life here:


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