Tyson Takes Love Of Pigeons To New Level

Tyson Takes Love Of Pigeons To New Level

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson’s love of pigeons is legendary.

These days old Tyson hosts podcasts and new main stream media platforms that have taken the world press by storm.

Now he’s getting into the crypto space and his love his pigeons in NFT’s in particular continues:


Good luck.

Whether NFT’s long-term last is speculative at best.

One thing is for sure though, crypto, blockchain and digital currency is here to stay and is going to grow hugely at some point.

Don’t worry about recent hits some of them may have taken.

They will be huge and are volatile but after all isn’t the world also has the last two years or so not taught us all.

Maybe things getting better now and hopefully things improving with the world situation.

For a look back on Tyson’s boxing career here are some of his best moments:


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