Joe Rogan speaks on the New Mike Tyson

Joe Rogan speaks on the New Mike Tyson

To be clear, current attempts to censor podcaster, comedian and fight commentator Joe Rogan have failed.


Because they were in the minority.

That’s why.

Most people are fans or indifferent to Joe Rogan’s podcast.


Watch: Heavyweight Champion Competes In The Sport Of Soccer

Watch: Heavyweight Champion Competes In The Sport Of Soccer

Moreover, censorship doesn’t work.

All this woke stuff and cancel culture is coming to an end as we know it.


It doesn’t work.

That’s why.

That is where the division comes from and, equality, while a complex subject, exists far from it.

Joe Rogan we tend to mention on Boxing News and Views when he has well known boxers and UFC fighters on and the fact his humble, self-depreciating attitude coupled with his willingness to get on a wide array of guests from all backgrounds and from leaders in respective fields, has got him to where he is.

The number one podcast in the world.

Ironically, he will get even bigger now out of this situation.

Matter of fact, he could go back to Google on YouTube if he wanted and command even higher ad rates for his digital inventory.

Or any advertising company in America or in fact many other premium content platforms around the world like his current one.

He’s the second biggest winner out of this situation.

The opposite effect for what the minority of those cohorts who sailed against him wanted.

The biggest winner was freedom of respectful speech.

New main stream media has properly established itself as the number press and media in the world by far now.

It will do even more so in the months ahead.

Rogan is a keen boxing fan many will know who’ve watched the boxing segment of his podcast over the years.

He wants the man known as the new Mike Tyson in boxing.

UFC heavyweight champion Francis Francis Ngannou:

Here is when he was on the JRE podcast: