On this day 32 years ago Lennox Lewis showed what he was all about

On this day 32 years ago Lennox Lewis showed what he was all about

Boxing News and Views spoke to a great boxing trainer today and we asked him who are some of the names he has in his all time pound for pound list.

The likes of Ali, Robinson, Duran, Louis and many others came up.

One name that sometimes goes unnoticed or perhaps underrated in these all time great fighter debates among us fans must surely be Lennox Lewis.

A very complete fighter in all aspects by the time his boxing voyage in the ring came to an end.

On this day 32 years ago he was building what turned out to be a tremendous career and story in the sweet science in the end:

Here’s how he did it:

Lewis perhaps one of the most intelligent boxers that ever lived too.

A fighter and a chess player is who Lennox Lewis is at his core.

An ethical one though. One of the good guys for sure Lewis.

A big fan favorite too in today’s times with his commentary that boxing fans seem to have received well.

With Canada in the news a lot lately important to point out that Lewis fought at amateur level for Canada.

Lewis, one of the great minds of boxing.

Sometimes people in life, particularly over the last couple of years due to the world situation, are prone to a bleak view of the world (occasionally). Prone to depression.

Isn’t it hilarious though (for some people) in the end, all that anyone needs to be absolutely on form and buzzing in life — is nothing.

Other than a little exercise and somewhat eating, relatively, well. Resulting in being at total peace and content mostly every day, on the ups and downs voyage of life, when you get the right mix of diet, recovery and training.

Some of the best answers in life are the simple ones. Even in today’s times for the world.

Science will tell you that the human mind is only ever close to using 50 per cent of its capacity. Many experts claim. Like the spine, apparently science will always be in the dark about the brain.

Science is a great thing. There is still so much for science to try to, but will never fully though, be able to explain fully, this a great read:


Like a muscle, the brain can be trained and when you realize that the glass is half full, simply go the gym or exercise and look after yourself a little, for those some whom are prone to depression or a bleak view of the world every now and then. Even if everything is going unreal well and everything in life is on fire, some will still be prone to a slightly bleak view of the world even still.


Then you realize, that in fact, you can train your mind easy to control your mind.

Well then, you’ve really got something in a calm, at peace and totally content state 🙂 The old 50 per cent is a limitless number then and you can really be optimistic and always look on the bright side of life, then. Then you’ve really got something and that’s were the fun just begins 🙂

The glass being half full that is.

That’s a fact.

Reason to bring this up — seems to be a lot of doom and gloom about in the world last couple of years but even still, a lot of positive happening now for sure.

See this — Denmark (Scandinavians were always the smartest countries surely — each to their own), Holland, Finland, France and others no longer considering the world situation a serious risk anymore:


Thought so.

About time.

More will follow.

Each to their own, respectfully.

Seems a lot of people jumping on the Joe Rogan case at the moment too all over the shop both in the new main stream media and traditional legacy media and press outlets.

Joe Rogan, we occasionally cover on here.

He gets some great boxing and UFC guests on from time to time to be fair.

For anyone that followed Joe Rogan’s podcast since the beginning you’ll realize one thing, like you always have anyway.

When he was doing a podcast on his couch in California (that long ago in the early UFC days for many of us fight fans) with the likes of Eddie Brave, Joey Diaz and more.

You’ll realize as usual this when all is said and done.

Joe Rogan has always got on a wide variety of guests to try to bring people better information on the world.

Nothing more.

He never claimed anything else.

That’s why his podcast is quite brilliant and the world’s number one.

Because he gets the world’s leading experts on from their various fields — who know more than him — to get their views.

Then assess the information and drive the human race forward with better information in a long form, unedited, unbiased format.

His statement in this regard today absolutely spot on.

Hopefully some more boxers and UFC fighters on the podcast again soon.

There’s been some very enjoyable boxing and UFC podcasts over the years in fairness.

Most of us fight fans would surely agree.

As for Lewis on the above.

In conclusion.

Congrats on the 32 year anniversary today of a great fight.


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