Jersey Joe Walcott Would Have Been 108 Today

Jersey Joe Walcott Would Have Been 108 Today

‘Jersey’ Joe Walcott of the great State and people of New Jersey would have been 108 today it has been pointed out by the good people at Sky:

Walcott was known for his tremendous footwork and defense.

At one time he became the oldest heavyweight champion in boxing but years later that record was broken by George Foreman.

Later in life he was elected to the New Jersey Athletic Commission.


Two Boxing Legends Run Into One Another

It would be great to even see in today’s times if the Jersey Athletic Commission could get more involved in boxing again and not rely so much on New York.

Seems more fights happening in Jersey again in recent years to be fair.

Here is a stroll down the good times of some of the best work of Walcott whom many boxing fans remember fondly:


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