There is no denying the Mexicans are a special bunch in boxing.

A truly amazing country and people, moreover. Highly recommended.

While debates among fight fans always exist about all time best lists for Mexico’s best champions one name always consistently goes near the top.

Time and time again.

Julio César Chávez.

This on Chavez perhaps sums it up best:

So true.

Even in fitness gyms in Mexico you’d often see posters of Chavez in many of them.

Huge heart, unbelievable boxing record, fought and beat the best and a relentless work ethic, stoic resolve, resilience and spirit, unique in all of boxing history, as well as excellent engine and stamina.

Chavez could punch too and was a very intelligent champion in his time.

Very cool the way he patiently used combinations and mixed up his work to the head and body at times.

Always a boxing fan favorite forever Chavez.

This video a great watch:

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