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Watch: Putin Stages Spoof Ceremony That No One Cares About As Mayhem Descends Upon Him

Maybe a bit of old buffoonery going on some quarters in the rich Western world of some crooked politicians, diplomats, civil servants and so forth.

Take no notice.

Not worth nothing or the time of the day and of no consequence ultimately.


Mike Tyson Goes All In On Crypto, Digital Assets

Mike Tyson Goes All In On Crypto, Digital Assets, Blockchain And NFTs

As things like traditional democracy in some parts of the West unravel, as well as the traditional banking and finance system, all you can do for people is wish them nothing but the best.

Former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis perhaps said it best with here:

Spot on.


Lennox Lewis remembers one of the best wins of his career

Lennox Lewis Remembers One Of The Best Wins Of His Career

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