Lennox Lewis remembers one of the best wins of his career

Lennox Lewis remembers one of the best wins of his career

A lot of brutal death and permanent ending of life in the air at the moment and permanent loss of loved ones for some.

Good and bad everywhere and in everything surely enough.

Who knows why, why the universe works like it does, or what goes around comes around as some might say, who knows why, or who has the answers to it all — other than God in the end.

Death comes for us all as they say.

While the world is only temporary to never get too fond of what comes after in the after life for all times.

Why, in the end, you or the people you love could be here today, gone tomorrow. Life is short. Try to be polite and kind always the best way.

On a brighter note moving forward.

Hopefully things get a little better in the world as time goes on.

On a boxing note, one boxing legend Lennox Lewis has been strolling down memory lane of the good times recently and recalled a famous win:

Lewis had lost the first fight only to comeback to win the rematch.

Same with Oliver McCall in his pro boxing career.

He won both rematches and in the end he beat every man who challenged him, what a career: